Some of our customers:

Peter Pan Speedrock [amp revision / MJ-100]
Rock and Roll support [MJ-30 + 212 cabinet / amp revisions]
Studio Barn in the Meadow [MJ-100]
Ceres Music [MJ-15 and MJ-15/B Combo]
The Devil's Blood [amp revision]
Metalgitaarles [amp revision]
Troy Torino [MJ-100/OS]
Hooghwater [amp revision]
69 Charger [amp revision]
Oscar Holleman [MJ-100 Hollowman Signature]
Yeah Baby Yeah [MJ-100]
Woody & Paul [amp revision]
Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation [MJ-30]
The Void Recording Studio [MJ-15 / MJ-22 / MJ-100 / MJ-103]

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Guitar King
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