• 30 watt push-pull two channel amplifier inspired by the Vox AC-30 with a touch of Matchless DC-30. Actually, we used a 1962 Vox AC-30 as a reference during the building process.
  • Tubes: GZ34 (rectifier, Philips), EF86 (pre-amp, Philips), 3 x ECC83 (pre/amp and phase inverter, mix of JJ and Philips Miniwatt), 4 x EL84 (Siemens)
  • Heyboer transformers
  • Controls: channel 1 = Volume, Treble, Bass. Channel 2: Volume, Tone. Shared: Cut and Master
  • Other features: 15/30 watt switch, switch for tube rectifier (vintage feel) or diode rectifier (modern feel), 8/16 ohm outputs
  • Currently only available as head, combo available soon.