After playing the MJ-100 prototype for a couple of days in the rehearsal room, Peter van Elderen immediately ordered a MJ-100 and sold one of his vintage JCM800's. Of course, we happily included some custom features in his MJ-100. Description:
  • 100 watt amplifier based on the Marshall JCM800/2203
  • Tweaks: more gain,more pressure. Very direct and tight amp, think "Hiwatt/Fender meets JCM800"
  • Shinrock transformers
  • Tubes: 3 x ECC83 (UOS Philips), 4 x EL34 SED
  • Aluminum faceplates and logo silk screened by Blendomatic
  • Switchable amp thru and tuner output (on front and back panel): both the MJ-100 and the thru output are muted when switched to tuner.
  • Two leather handles for easier transport