Our amps are simple, sturdy, and they sound great:
  • Powerbooster/Overdrive: Custom built for Eindhoven Amplifiers by DRNO-Effects.
  • MJ-100/PPSR: customized amp for Peter van Elderen (Peter Pan Speedrock).
    Head: 1999,-
  • MJ-30: custom build amp for Jeroen van Tongeren (Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation), 30 watts, British tone.
    Head: 1049,-, combo available soon.
  • MJ-22: 22 watt with a classic '59 Fender tone.
    Head: 949,-, combo starting at 1149,-.
  • MJ-15: 15 watt class A amplifier with a very clear and sparkling tone.
    Head: 849,-, combo starting at 1049,-.